PLAYER PROFILE: Hasan, staunch stopper

If it’s true that behind every successful man, there’s a good woman… (am I on safe ground with this post?)… it’s probably also true that behind every stingy defence, there’s a formidable goalkeeper.

Meet the Victory Boy who neighbour of the mosque Mr Bateman describes as “the new Gordon Banks” (that’s “Gordon Bennett” if you listen to Imam Munieb…), Hasan!

Hasan, heroic handler

The son of a Libyan father and an English mother, Hasan distinguishes himself throughout the book with some crucial – nay impossible – saves! Otherwise a relatively unassuming sort of chap, Hasan lets his performances between the sticks do the talking.

See this link for an example of Hasan’s heroics from Chapter 14 of the book.

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