Mr Bateman’s Diary: Entry #01


Colin Bateman: Husband. Gardener. Free thinker. Shabab al-Nasr fan.

Friday 10th April

Dear Diary,
Goodness, what an exhausting day in the garden. I hope I never see another weed in my life. (Unlikely!) I’m getting too old for this, Diary. I’ve got muscles aching in places I didn’t know I had muscles.
I would have asked the Imam to lend a hand, but I knew he’d be particularly busy today, what with it being Friday. Perhaps I should ask a couple of the Victory Boys to come over and help me with my garden. It would certainly build up their strength, in preparation for the tournament – not long now! What a marvellous day that was last year, Diary. It all came together – must have been written, I think. I suppose the boys will be desperate to win it again this year, but I’m not sure those Sedgecombe Shuttles will let them get away with it a second time…
I can’t wait to find out though!
Yours creakingly,

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