Mr Bateman’s Diary: Entry #03


Colin Bateman: Husband. Gardener. Free thinker. Shabab al-Nasr fan.

Sunday 3rd May

Dear Diary,
Today I saw a new star.
No, not in the sky – on the football pitch! The Prince has arrived!
Yes, Amir (‘
prince’ in Arabic, apparently) made his Shabab debut today and, my goodness, what a bag of tricks that lad is. I arrived just in time to see him score a brilliant goal, the first of… well, I don’t even know how many he scored in the end! Oh yes, there are a few boys looking a bit worried now (young Ibrahim, for one), with the tournament a couple of weeks away and the Prince putting in a performance like that.
Oh, and Diary, you’ll never guess what the boy’s last name is…
Zidane! (Did I mention that before?) Anyway, no wonder he’s a football genius, with a name like that!
Bring on the tournament!
Yours excitedly,

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Yusuf Keane on May 3, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    I am excitedly awaiting more news on Amir’s progress Mr Bateman. Keep peeking over the garden wall and checking out how the boys are getting on! This Amir sounds like he is the business!


    • Thanks for your interest, Yusuf! I’ll pass on the message to Mr B next time I see him.
      Wow, a Zidane and now a Keane as well – sounds like the makings of an all-time World XI midfield!


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