The Victory Boys

About the book…

Author: Jamal Orme
Editors: Yosef Smyth and Fatima D’Oyen
Illustrator: Eman Salem
Typesetter: Nasir Cadir
Cover design: Stan Ivanchev
Coordinator: Anwar Cara

About Jamal…

Jamal Orme is also “James” to his mum, “Daddy” to his three children, and “that guy who spends too much time on his computer” to his wife. He teaches English for a living, while studying and writing as much as he possibly can.

Jamal reverted to Islam in 2002. As a once active footballer he was, in the main, a beanpole centre-half, after stints of varying length and success as a goalkeeper and a striker. After becoming a class teacher at schools in London, he ran school teams for five years, and for two and a half years he ran a football club through his local mosque, attended by boys from both Muslim and non-Muslim families.
To the amusement of all who ask him, Jamal supports Derby County (it’s a family tradition/curse that he is now trying to inflict on his own children… but so far they’re too smart to fall for it, mashallah). Therefore any of his writing that depicts football teams enjoying success is derived from his vivid imagination, and in no way based on his own experience.
If you would like to post a comment or initiate a conversation with Jamal about football, fiction, Islam, the trials and tribulations of being a Derby fan, or indeed anything else you feel he could do justice to, please feel more than welcome to do so in the box below.

Jamal, elsewhere…

Jamal’s writing

For Jamal’s article on the exciting finish to the Championship season 2014-15, click here; and for his selection/prediction of the season’s PFA Championship XI, click here.
For Jamal’s analysis of the impact of strong late-season form on Championship play-offs success, click here; and for his article on the reaction by defeated play-off sides in their subsequent season, click here.
For Jamal’s account of Derby’s 2014-15 season to date, click here.
For Jamal’s poetic contribution to the Young Muslim Writers Award 2013 Magazine – ‘A Cat, Immortalised‘, – click here (and scroll to page 12).
For Jamal’s 2011 IWA article about his second Ramadan (2003), click here.

Interviews with Jamal

For the short Kube interview with Jamal on World Book Day 2015, click here.
For the IWA interview with Jamal (Summer 2011), click here.
To hear Radio Ramadan Edinburgh‘s August 2011 interview with Jamal, click here
…and for a transcript to help negotiate the poor sound quality in the interview, click here!

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