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#IslamicBookDay competition winner!


Congratulations to Tayyaba Anwar, winner of competition for the #IslamicBookDay and #ReadInRamadan promotions.

A signed copy of The Victory Boys’ sequel, Team Spirit, is winging its way to Tayyaba in the UAE (just in time for Eid, inshallah!)

#IslamicBookDay competition – win a signed copy of ‘Team Spirit’!


Ramadan Mubarak! To mark #IslamicBookDay, and to provide something enjoyable to #ReadInRamadan, we’re giving away one signed copy of The Victory Boys’ sequel, Team Spirit!

Just click on the link below and read the book sample to answer this question:

What is Mr Bateman growing in his garden?


Click here for a sample of the book – and to find the answer!

Send your answer via the form below. The competition deadline is 23:59 BST on 6 July 2015.
One winner, drawn at random, will be contacted by email no later than 23:59 BST on 7 July 2015. If no response is forthcoming by 23:59 BST on 9 July 2015, including a full postal address, an alternative winner will be randomly selected.
The winner’s name and location (town/city, country) will be published on this website, along with the correct answer. (However, personal details will not be stored; anyone wishing to subscribe for updates may do so via the
‘Subscribe’ box on the right-hand side of this site – scroll down!)

The Victory Boys… in stereo!

The Victory Boys

Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you all).
Fancy a sneak preview of The Victory Boys sequel, Team Spirit?
Then feast your ears on this!
Team Spirit Chapter 1
The whole of Chapter One, read by none other than… me.
(No expense spent).
So… what do you think?

That’s the spirit!

world cup trophy

The World Cup.




european championships trophy


The European Championship.




Yes, the best things in football do seem to come round every four years.



It’s perhaps fitting, then, that after four years of waiting…


four years of wondering…


four years of checking the Kube website


(and that’s just what I’ve been doing)

the sequel to The Victory Boys has arrived!!



Well, not quite arrived – not yet – but it’s so close that you can almost smell it.

And what does it smell like?

Well, it smells like team spirit!



The Victory Boys: Team Spirit.




Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Amel Abdullah who correctly answered the challenging question below to win a signed copy of The Victory Boys!

The question was:

TVB: the initials of The Victory Boys.

But can you name any two English football league teams to have all three letters** (T, V and B) in their names***?

The answer:

Bristol Rovers and Brighton and Hove Albion (although I would also have accepted Stevenage Borough since they changed/reduced their name to ‘Stevenage’ only last year and are still commonly referred to by their former name!)