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May I recommend the following websites to you…

Teaching Kids the Holy Quran” at

Quite stunning scenery – constructed of Lego – is the backdrop to this innovative blog. Teaching Kids the Holy Quran sets out to make the Divine Words of Qur’an more accessible to a younger audience. Canadian architect Mezba also likes to Tweet as much as the next, er, Lego construction worker…


Arabic Studio” at

For those seeking a comprehensive course in Arabic grammar with quality materials (including videos) and an excellent teacher, take a look at Arabic Studio. Created by Ustadh Saqib Hussain, the site’s long-term aim is to provide a complete online syllabus in learning Arabic. Live lessons also available and highly recommended!


A Muslimah Writes” at

This is the blog of Sarah, who boldly goes where “and if faith and the writerly existence intersect.” Sharing occasional insights on publishing, and musings on many matters literary and religious, don’t say you weren’t warned that we live in “strange, strange times”… (Note: since adding this page, Sarah has gone on to win the prestigious Brass Crescent Best Blog and Best Writer Award for 2012, Mashallah!)


Islamic Writers Alliance” at

Be a Muslim champion with the IWA!

Producing anthologies and regular publications, offering book grants to Muslim schools, staging frequent writing competitions… the IWA are a forward-looking group actively promoting reading and writing among Muslims. Whether you’re an aspiring (or established!) writer or you just love literature, they’re an organisation deserving of support and with much to offer.


Cartoon Muhammad” at

Cartoon Muhammad (don’t be alarmed) is talented, funny, and makes a good point. He’s also a prolific Twittererer.


Beyond Halal” at

In their own words, the writers “decided to call this site Beyond Halal to indicate that we are no longer satisfied with doing the minimum”. Seeking excellence in the everyday act of eating, Beyond Halal may also be found on Twitter.


Arabic Gems” at

The fantastic Arabic Gems website has been revived and relaunched! Featuring the etymological expositions of Ola Shoubaki, Arabic Gems explores the deep and detailed meanings of Qur’anic speech. Prepare to be fascinated! Online courses available – now for men as well as women.


Forest Rambles” at

This website is brought to you by author Asma and designer Sumayya. There’s a very professional touch to everything they do; illustrations and design are stylish and distinctive, and the text is perfectly suited to young children.


Wendy Meddour” at

Wendy took a break from the world of academia to follow a dream: writing and illustrating books for children. Her first book is about young Ramzi Ramadan, whose homesick father is more than a little restless at night, it seems. This is Wendy’s blog.


Not a literary link but definitely worth a plug:
Bee Mercy at


Bee Mercy began as a quest to find raw honey for a friend suffering from colitis. Alhamdulillah, everything happens for a reason. Now it is a thriving raw honey supplier, good for what ails ya!


Finally, this page is a work in progress, and I hope to add many more useful links. If you have any recommendations for Islamic/literary websites, please let me know using the form below. Jazak Allahu khayrun.

3 responses to this post.

  1. JazakAllahkhayr for adding my link! I am so honored 🙂


  2. Posted by Amin L. on November 5, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Where is the sport literary link


    • Salam Amin,

      I think you are referring to the page for young sports writers. I am very sorry but I have had to temporarily take this page down due to problems with managing the site (the main one being that I do not, at present, have a computer!) Many apologies for any inconvenience.

      Wassalam, Jamal


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